This is what engineering expertise looks like.

At GSA, its importance is crystal clear.

That’s because we play an integral role in assisting clients with the development of water systems and wastewater facilities.
And we do it successfully by taking into account critical factors such as demographics, community growth, topography and the environment. Being mindful of these factors allows us to provide the most innovative and cost-efficient solutions possible. Discover the advantages of partnering with GSA on your next Environmental Engineering project.

Conception to completion - and beyond.

For over 25 years, GSA has partnered with public and private sector interests throughout the region in the planning, design and supervision of construction projects across a wide range of engineering concerns – from wastewater, to drainage and coastal management, to buildings and infrastructure. Our team of highly trained engineers, technicians, field representatives and administrative support can provide your project with experience and expertise spanning from conception to completion – and beyond.



When it comes to reining in flood concerns, we've got it covered.

From drainage and diversion channels to levee protection and hydraulic capacity improvements, we’ve partnered with municipalities and parishes across the region in the planning, design and supervision of construction projects vital to floodwater prevention and management. 


Thought about sewage today?

Probably not. But at GSA it gets our undivided attention.

That’s because one of our key capabilities is assisting municipalities and parishes across the region with the development of essential infrastructure such as wastewater collection and treatment systems