First In Print: A Dream Come True

With over 10 years of discussions and plans regarding safe water and fire protection to the West Bank of the river and the outside of the city limits of Donaldsonville, the wait is over.

Residents who live in Brusly, McCall, and Modeste areas will no longer have issues such as: freezing pumps, low-pressure water, and no fire protection.

Thanks to a group of visionaries who decided to take on this project and 20 years later the hard work and dedication paid off.

It began with the West Ascension Water Disrict, four and seven, which led to the creation of Ascension Consolidated Utilities District One.

According to Glenda Shaheen of GSA Engineers, the first line was drawn beginning the project in the early 1990’s. This line on paper was a sign of things to come she said.

Modeste water line project was a replacement of West Ascension Water District Four water lines that had significant leaks. The project was completed at a cost of $600,000.

What Happened Next?

Phase two of the project was the first 150,000 gallon elevated storage tower and distribution lines to provide potable water to the Palo Alto and Brusly-McCall communities. In between Phase two and Phase three there was an economic development grant to run a distribution line at the Donaldsonville Industrial Park to handle the John Folse facility.

Phase three of the project, 20 years later became the reality rather than just a plan. Phase three consisted of distribution lines in the area to the west of the City of Donaldsonville bordering LA Hwy 1 North and South, and Hwy 308, including the side roads and two Bayou Lafourche sub aqueous crossings tying into the mains along these roadways at a cost of $2.76 million dollars.

The most recent phase three improvement includes the completion of 150,000 gallon elevated storage tower at Palo Alto on land donated by the Lemann family and a 400,000 elevated storage tower at LA Hwy 70 on land donated by CF Industries at a cost of $2.2 million.

What’s Next?

Future improvements include updating water meters in the Palo Alto, Modeste, and Brusly-McCall communities to provide automatic reading capabilities.

Benefits Breakdown of ACUD District One System

  • Eliminated loss of approx. one million gallons a month water loss in Modeste system.
    • Provides safe water of sustained pressures allowing customers to wash clothes and take a shower at the same time.
    • Provides fire protection water flow to all areas presently served by ACUD water system, including the Parish Jail, Chef John Folse and Company, and the commercial area East of the city of Donaldsonville.
    • Lower water bills for the customer of West of the city of Donaldsonville.
    • Potable water service to support additional economic development east of the city of Donaldsonville, with emphasis on the Industrial Park in Donaldsonville.

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