Gonzales Environmental Enhancement Facility

Project: Environmental Enhancement Facilities Improvements for the City of Gonzales

Award: 2006 Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year – Southern Division

The City of Gonzales , Louisiana had an existing, 40-year old conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment facility that had been upgraded with a high rate sand filter located in the center of the City, adjacent to the City Hall. GSA developed a Facility Plan for the City of Gonzales discussion needs and evaluated several means of providing for the City's wastewater collection, transportation and treatment needs. The Facility Plan showed that the most cost effective alternative was to abandon the old wastewater treatment facilities and to construct a new 2.5 MGD aerated lagoon treatment facility in a sparsely developed commercially zoned area in the southern part of the City. Since the new treatment facility was to be located a significant distance from the old plant, a new 7,000 GPM wastewater pump station and force mains were also required to pump and transport wastewater from the old plant site to the new treatment plant. The new facilities also included provisions to pump and transport treated effluent from the new treatment facility to a discharge point in the Mississippi River.

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