Our Services

Transportation Engineering

GSA, Inc. provides engineering capabilities for an array of transportation projects. We work closely with our clients to understand the importance of demographics, community growth, topography, and the environment to provide the most innovative and cost efficient solutions. With our staff of highly trained engineers, technicians, field representatives and administrative support, our expertise spans from conception to completion... and beyond.

Our Services:

  • Intersection Improvements
  • Bridges
  • Roundabout Design
  • Road Improvements

Environmental Engineering

GSA, Inc. recognizes the efforts needed for compliance of a project to various regulating agencies. Our staff has extensive knowledge of current regulations and intensive experience with managing permitting projects. The relationships GSA, Inc. has developed with personnel within these agencies ensures comprehensive and effective compliance.

Our Services:

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
  • Water Distribution and Treatment Systems
  • Elevated Storage Towers and Water Wells
  • Water Booster and Waste Water Pump Station
  • Permitting - LDEQ, LDHH, LDOTD, USACE, LDNR
  • Environmental Clearance (Various Agencies) – Including SOV’s (State and Federal Agencies) and FONSI.

Construction Management

GSA, Inc. understands the complexities of carrying a project through to completion. Our construction management services takes care of the complex details and helps facilitate a smooth project timeline. We assist the Owner in developing a comprehensive plan covering details from permits to inspection.

  • Administration
  • Project Management
  • Inspection
  • Document Coordination

Planning Services

GSA, Inc. has been a leader in recognizing the importance of planning to determine our clients immediate needs, future vision, and priority of goals. As communities progress and grow, we understand that projects have to be cost effective and benefit the lifestyle of the area. GSA, Inc. possess the expertise to assist with planning strategies to aid in having a successful project that is constructed professionally, in a timely manner and within budget.

Our Services:

  • Funding Sources Research
  • Long Range Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Project Development
  • City and Urban Planning
  • Cost Analysis
  • Park and Recreational Planning
  • Airport Planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Transit Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Facility Planning

Hydraulic Engineering

GSA, Inc. provides planning, design, and construction administration for hydraulic capacity improvements. We can provide flood analysis and reports of current conditions with recommendations for improvements. Additionally our team provides complete design services for improvements including channel expansion and realignment, storm water pumping stations, subsurface conveyance systems and storm water detention / retention structures.

Our Services:

  • Drainage
  • Flood
  • Coastal Management
  • Design Services
  • Storm Water Pumping Stations
  • Subsurface Conveyance Systems
  • Storm Water Detention
  • Retention Structures